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  The Famous Horses
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In this section are horses born in Tori Stud that have made Tori breed famous and maintained that fame. At the moment here are the horses who were especially outstanding in the Soviet Union and on the Estonian scale. In the future they will be companied by the horses who have won mainly in Estonia. One should take into consideration the fact that during the times these horses competed, competing in the Soviet Union was equal to competing in the whole world and the competition was hard. Also the competitors from another nation beside Russian were judged hardly so in order to win the horse had to perform the parts of triathlon in especially pure gaits, disqualifying was easy to come.



Born: 1860
Sire: Viskal    Dam: Jõgge

In 1865 at the exhibition in Riga he dragged 358 poods on a gravel road. In Moscow on the test competition in hauling, held for the exhibition in Paris, he dragged 200 poods in much worse conditions (a carriage with wooden axles and up the hill). After that in 1867 Vapsikas was sent at the country`s expense to the International Exhibition in Paris where he won the first prize - silver prize money - at the hauling competition (proportionally to the body mass) and became famous.



Born: 1925
Sire: Agu 42E  Dam: Hero 990T
Measurements: 151-160-181-19,0

Leidulaps was a result of crossbreeding an Estonian mare and a Tori stallion. One of the most fertile mares to this day - 17 foals during her life.



Born: 1929
Sire: Harun 42T    Dam: Milla 978T
Measurements: 62-218-23,0

Born in Tori Stud from cognate mating with reference to Hetman and Vapsikas. His sire was a son of Hetman and dam a daughter of Meinhard. Halis was a big stallion of his time with good breed characteristics. He was the Estonian record holder in hauling in 1950, pulling 11 094 kilograms over the distance of 152 meters. Halis had very good inherited ability and he firmly passed on his type and characteristics to his offsprings. The most outstanding offspring of Halis` line were his son Halvak 1553T, Halvak`s son Hormon 1715TA and Hormon's son Hoius 3939TB, who also became the founding sire of a new line.



Born: 1939
Sire: Anar 159E  Dam: Hurma 2099TA
Measurements: 151-160-181-19,0

As Leidulaps, Anala was a result of crossbreeding an Estonian stallion and a Tori mare. She was the winner of the long-distance hauling and driving competition in 1947. In the driving competition she covered a 25 km distance harnessed in front of an ordinary carriage with iron axles and two passengers (with the weight of the fardel 369 kg) in 1 hour 24 minutes and 36 seconds. That means her average speed was 4,9 meters per second or approximately 17 kilometers per hour. In the hauling competition Anala pulled 1260 kilograms over a 25 km distance covering it in 3 hours 37 minutes 30 seconds, an average speed of 4,1 kilometres per hour.



Born: 1939
Sire: Hindro 653TA    Dam: Amiba 1821TA
Measurements: 158-167-199-23,0

In 1949 he became the champion in the competition of maximal hauling, taking first place in the Republic competition. The weight of the fardel 7815 kg.


HINDO   1667TA

Born: 1949
Sire: Hingstar 317T    Dam: Ubi 3679T
Measurements: 158-168-204-22,0

The champion of the maximal hauling competition in 1953, taking first place in the Republic competitions. The weight of the fardel 7865 kg. The best continuer of the Hingstar line. Acknowledged as the champion of Tori breed in 1954 at the all-Union Exhibition of National Economy. Hindo`s sons Hüvang 4413T and grandson Hürgo 6477T were also acknowledged as champions of the Tori breed.


Union.jpg (110661 bytes)


Born: 1950
Sire: Uhas 1143T    Dam: Anala 8834T
Measurements: 164-171-201-23,0

The champion of the Soviet Union in 1960 by passing 2 km in walking with a time of 13 minutes 21.5 seconds (hauling power 150 kg). Driver Joann Tali.




Born: 1951
Sire: Halvak 1553T  Dam: Lipsi 4147T
Measurements: 169-177-215-24,0

Breed Champion in the all-Union Exhibition of National Economy in 1955. On the republic tests in maximal hauling ability he pulled a fardel with additions to the weight at 16 420 kg for 498 meters on a concrete road when he was only 3 years old. 91 sons and 102 daughters of his were entered into the national studbook.

Hormon  Hormon  Hormon


LUHAR   2001T

Born: 1952
Sire: Loots 649T    Dam: Uhra 17 410T
Measurements: 161-171-220-24,0

In 1960 in the tests of maximal hauling the stallion Luhar set the world record by pulling a test sledge with a fardel of 2000 kg 7,1 meters on a gravel road with a hauling power of 880 kg which was bigger than Luhar`s body weight.By comparison, to calculate it against a carriage fardel (load), it would have been 26 tons. The driver was expert trainer Joann Tali. Luhar`s record was later repeated by his daughter Leeve 13305T. 38 sons and 44 daughters of Luhar were entered into the national studbook.

Luhar  Luhar  Luhar  Luhar


HOIUS  3939T

Born: 1955
Sire: Hormon 1715T  Dam: Uhli 4133T
Measurements: 166-174-220-23,0

The first degree diploma in the all-Union Exhibition of National Economy in 1959.

Hoius  Hoius


UHA  11111TA

Born: 1955
Sire: Uhas 1143T    Dam: Uta 4717T
Measurements: 170-180-204-22,0

Her time in 2 km trotting was 4 minutes 44.8 seconds (hauling power 50 kg), with that she became the champion of the Soviet Union. Driver Joann Tali.

Hiire ja Huige

HUIGE 13501T

Born: 1962
Sire: Horvet 3941T    Dam: Hembe 4983T
Measurements: 162-202-21,5

65 of the best hauling horses of the Soviet Union took part of the all-Union Hauling Horses Competition at the hippodrome of Pskov in 1969. Following the results of three events the mare Huige from Tori Stud, led by Joann Tali came third. Huige`s results were 2 km trotting time 5 minutes 17.6 seconds, 2 km walking time 14 minutes 54 seconds and long-distance hauling of a fardel of 1000 kg 825.9 meters.



Born: 1968
Sire: Hoius 3939T  Dam: Hiila 13 183T
Measurements: 170-178-220-25,0

Was acknowledged as the champion of the breed.

Hiilar  Hiilar


ANKUR  9871T

Born: 1974
Sire: Algus 8787T    Dam: Võia 16825T

In the all-Union hauling tests in Vilnius in 1981 the stallion Ankur took first place in trotting.

Ankur  Ankur  Ankur  Ankur  Ankur


AAKER  9969T

Born: 1976
Sire: Algus 8787T    Dam: Hõre 17091T
Measurements: 169-206-23

He was first in the Republic Contest in triathlon in 1980. Later he was first in 2 km walking in the all-Union Competition and in 1983 in maximal hauling. The Estonian record in 2 km walking set in 1983 is also held by the stallion Aaker, his time was 13 minutes 16 seconds and the driver was Lembit Karjel, an expert trainer of the Soviet Union.

Aaker  Aaker  Aaker 


HIILUR  10323T

Born: 1977
Sire: Hiilar 7271T    Dam: Uldi 16775T
Measurements: 171-211-24,0

The absolute champion of the all-Union Hauling and Driving competition in triathlon in 1983 and 1984. Driver expert trainer Vambo Tali.

Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur Hiilur



Born: 1982
Sire: Aaker 9969T    Dam: Helbe 15 059T
Measurements: 166-208-22,5

First place in 2 km walking in the all-Union Competition. In 1989 she set the all-Union record in triathlon, still unbroken. The driver was expert trainer Lembit Karjel. Aroonia`s results were: 2 km trotting in 5 minutes 10 seconds, 2 km walking in 13 minutes 22 seconds, long-distance hauling 1178 meters.

Aroonia Aroonia Aroonia Aroonia Aroonia Aroonia Aroonia Aroonia


LASER  12109T

Born: 1984
Sire: Luur 6009T   Dam: Hiti 19 361T
Measurements: 169-207-23,5

In the all-Union Competition of Maximal Hauling in Heavy Draught in 1989 Laser gained first place with hauling power of 126% of his body mass. This is still the Union record for the proportion of body weight to hauling weight. In trotting he came third. The driver was Vambo Tali.

Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser
Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser Laser 


The Estonian high jump record - 2 meters - belonged to Helve for a very long time (over 30 years). The rider was Jakko Kosk.

From the trainers became all-Union champions:

1. Vambo Tali (Tori Stud)  - 7 times

2. Maret Mikk (Puurmani) - 6 times

3. Joann Tali (Tori Stud) - 4 times

4. Lembit Karjel (Tori Stud) - 4 times

5. Ants Juursoo (Ülenurme) - 2 times

6. Margarete Nikopensius (Kambja) - 2 times

7. Martin Mänd (Tori Stud) - 1 time


NB! This is just part of the information that can be given about the history of Tori`s equestrian sport, there is still much not covered.