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A little bit about the company…

O Tori Hobusekasvandus was established in 2001. The main reason for this was to prevent the liquidation of Tori horse stud. Liquidation was in the air for the stud farm that had been here for nearly a century and a half after the company AS Tori Hobune that operated there last had gone bankrupt. The biggest difficulties were overcome by skilful acting and although we still cannot afford a single mistake we have come to operating quite wide. Of course we do not want to settle with what has been accomplished so far. Our aim is to restore as much of the glory and importance Tori stud once had in raising horses in Estonia as possible.

O Tori Hobusekasvandus knows and appreciates the traditions and history. It has made preserving and continuously developing the Tori horse as a part of Estonian national cultural heritage its mission. In addition, where better to do it than here, the very heart of the breeds' birthplace? In the same time the basis of Tori horse and Estonians faithful accompanies throughout the history - the Estonian horses - have also not been forgotten. We believe the best way to present our aims and goal is through our mission and vision:

Mission: to preserve Tori and Estonian horse breeds and with the help of supporting activities and through constant breeding turn them to as good and differently usable horses as possible, in the same time maintaining their identity.

Vision: in the near future Tori stud is seen as big Estonian (preferably national) breeding- and horse raising centre where the best specialists, means and important activities concerning horse breeding and from where all people who are occupied with horse breeding and horses overall could find help with whatever wish or worry they have.

Since it is quite difficult to get by financially by ourselves, only by breeding, we are active in other business concerning horses as well. We welcome guests who come to our stud and offer services connected to horses within the stud and outside of it. Besides supporting breeding one important reason to do this is our wish to bring the strongly urbanised society back to horses. We want more and more people to get to know the value of these beautiful animals and the satisfaction given by handling them or only being in their company. That is why we are offering our guests wide range of services beginning with tours introducing the stud and ending with different kind of packages and organized events. The full list of different possibilities to spend time with us is given on the link "Services". Wedding rides with horses - a trend that is growing rapidly popular among the marrying couples due to its special appearance and romanticism - is having more and more importance. In the same time we try to make the people appreciate our own local horses to show them that we also have something to be proud of. We found that bringing together people and horses to each other is so important that it deserves its own mission and vision:

The mission of O Tori Hobusekasvandus as an enterprise offering services to guests is to prove the value of local horse breeds by offering different services connected to horses with the professionalism and quality that comes with experience (kogemus) and by that help to preserve and develop the breeds

The vision of O Tori Hobusekasvandus as an enterprise offering services to guests: to be the most well-known and appreciated enterprise of tourism services concerning horses in Estonia by the year 2015 holding 40% of the market and the widest range of the services

We are happy that more and more young people have found their way to our riding classes which at the moment have approximately 30 students. The number is increasing month-by-month. An important part of our business is selling and accommodating the horses. Horses that come from our stables are appreciated in Estonia as well as in Scandinavia, such as; they are used by Finnish riding schools and Swedish royal mounted police. People have even not considered it too much of an effort to arrange the transport of a horse bought from us to their new home in Australia. As far as we know, Australia is the farthest place in the world where not only a Tori horse but also a horse from Estonia has travelled. For longer or shorter time, our stables are home to many privately owned horses. Some of them are staying with us because the owners prefer to keep them here and just come here to ride with them; some are here so we can help them to become a good riding or a carriage horse. We also have the recognition of the Equestrian Federation of Estonia

O Tori Hobusekasvandus follows these values:

" Reliability - you can always count on us; if we have made a promise, we will find a way to keep it

" Quality - if you are doing anything, do it as well as you can, otherwise there is no point in doing it at all

" Continuity and sustainability - Tori Hobusekasvandus is not a leaf in the breeze that today goes one way and another tomorrow; we are acting consciously following our aims and goals and thinking not only on today but on tomorrow as well

That is the short overview of O Tori Hobusekasvandus and its doings. You can learn more on various sub-links of our homepage or just coming to visit us. See you soon!